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Leading Investment Research

TierOne is different. We base our investment recommendations on our own objective investment research. We filter through the numbers for those investment managers who consistently perform best. We contact and meet those managers on site, virtually or in person. We interview them using an agenda we set and we prepare detailed research notes. We make our recommendations backed up by over two decades of international investment experience. We monitor their activities and their results and because we do not have any contractual relationships to fund managers, we can issue sell recommendations. Does your private bank or wealth manager go to these lengths to gain the insight and information needed to advise you? We hold numerous meetings and conference calls each year, producing over a hundred research notes annually. We believe you can’t take short cuts when it comes to investment advice.


Taking due account of the size, nature and scale of our activities when providing Investment advice and Insurance Based Investment advice we will not consider the adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors. We will review this opinion annually.


The Right Investment Course

We have particular criteria when identifying suitable investment funds. We look for:


A variety of fund managers to offer choice and diversity. Not all managers in each asset class have similar styles. We seek to blend them, avoiding correlation, providing balance within portfolios.


Well Rated and Well Resourced institutional funds. Some funds we identify have many hundreds of millions of Euro under management.


Niche Player fund managers who have expertise and track record in specific sectors.


Clear Investment Rationale. The funds we chose need to have a clear place in our portfolios.


Predominantly liquid funds. Investors may have cash calls and may want to invest while retaining easy access.