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Providing Smart Pension Solutions

Many people think of pensions as a ‘policy’ but there are, in fact, two components to a pension plan. One is the pension structure which provides the important tax reliefs and benefits and the other is the investment content. We believe that these two should be treated separately.

Think of the pension structure as a chassis or a platform which can carry a wide range of investments, not just those supplied by an insurance company. Properly utilised, the pension ‘structure’ can provide you with the greatest flexibility, the greatest degree of control over the choice of your investments and a high degree of transparency. With the right planning, pensions can provide you with a great deal of flexibility in how you provide for your security, build your wealth and how and when you draw your benefits. With TierOne’s help, through direct advice, through our pension workshops, working with the best expertise, we can guide you on the right pension path. We can help you to avoid mistakes and maximise your opportunities. Ask for our advice. It’s the SMART thing to do.


Self Managed Pensions

If you want to have a high degree of control over the choice of your investment assets, if you want to work closely with your pension advisor to plan and shape your financial future while still retaining a high degree of control, a self managed pension may be for you. We can guide you so that your investments are appropriate pension investments.

Self Managed Pensions Brochure